We've reached 15,000 likes on Facebook!


We joined Facebook in 2011 and since that time have managed to connect with thousands of interesting people, and in turn build an exciting community of antique, salvage, vintage and home decor enthusiasts. Every week our posts reach in excess of 6,000 show visitors, collectors, exhibitors, stylists, interior designers, retail buyers, set designers, props buyers, architects, magazines, retail buyers, landscape architects, restauranteurs and those passionate about creating a stylish living space.

We would like to extend our gratitude to every last one of those 15k people who liked our page and also to everyone who engages with us, comments on posts, shares statuses, attends our events and helps spread the word about Arthur Swallow Fairs. 

Our aim was to reach the 15k mark by the end of the summer so we are delighted to have got there so soon, time to pop a cork in celebration we think!

Heartfelt thanks from the whole Arthur Swallow Fairs team.


Thanks to Spire Vintage and A Touch of Dutch for the use of their letters.