Vintage Jewellery For Sale

Are you looking for Vintage Jewellery For Sale, or retro costume and designer jewellery? You’ll find it upon a visit to the Antiques & Home Show at the Lincolnshire showground. With around 200 jewellery exhibits at each fair, the selection is nothing short of phenomenal.

Art Deco Egyptian Jewelery

Take for example John and Jeanette Clarke’s stand at the recent fair, 1-2 April, where two American visitors were spotted fighting over a wonderfully eccentric art deco Egyptian revival necklace. The gold plated base metal piece with enameling and faux lapis stones, closely resembles the pectoral scarab amulet from Tutankhamun’s tomb and was made by the famous Birmingham designer Thomas Fattorini – possibly to coincide with the 1972 Tutankhamun exhibition at the British Museum.

Several ‘Wendy Gell’ brooches, necklaces and cuffs were also found for sale. Gell’s sequined Disney character necklaces like the Mickey Mouse on the Clarke’s stand, frequented the cover of Vogue throughout the 70s and 80s and are now predominantly sold in the US. Whimsical unique bijou were made for Oscar de laRenta, worn by celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Isabella Rossilini and can be found in the private collections of Elton John (designed sunglasses for him), Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, the late Andy Warhol and Princess Diana.

Amongst the Givenchy, Monet and Yves Saint Laurent costume adornments at the fair were many bangles and beads made from Bakelite. ‘The material of a thousand uses’ was developed by Leo Baekeland in 1907 and has been used in jewellery, pipe stems, letter openers, cigarette holders, kitchen wares and children’s toys throughout the decades. Some Bakelite pieces have sold at auction for more than £1000 but the price points at Lincoln are substantially more affordable for savvy fashionistas.

For John and Jeanette Clarke email: or telephone: 01158 544078.