Sink or Swim - all things Nautical

With the weather being a tad unpredictable for June and flooding reported around the country we’ve been wondering whether getting a boat might not be a bad idea. Luckily for us our shows are frequently awash with nautical and seaside paraphernalia. There are some impressive collectors and exhibitors out there who spoil us for choice in this area, whilst also sharing their great wealth of knowledge with us.

Lincoln Show Rowing Boat

Lincoln Show Life Ring

It's an unusual sight to see so far away from the coast, but it's not uncommon to see a washed-up boat at our Lincoln show. Items like this are often snapped up by props buyers for film, TV and style shoots. 

Salvage Show Little Boat

Miniatures, pond yacht's and vintage toy boats make great decorative pieces around the home, or work well with a theme. One exhibitor worth visiting is Paul Drewett, who will be showing at our forthcoming Loseley Decorative Home & Salvage Show. Paul specialises in marine antiques and old pond yachts, with pieces often salvaged from vessels as famous at The Titanic. His stand is well worth a visit.

 Lincoln Fair Giant Ice Cream

Seaside attraction and fairground pieces, along with old signage, draw the eye of the coastal lovers amongs us. This large ice-cream cone would make a wonderful insitallation in the right environment.

Salvage Show Ropes And Anchors

Ropes, anchors and netted-glass fishing floats feel very nostalgic and add great texture when used decoratively.

Lincoln Show Ships Lights (1)

Old Wood, from the Netherlands, regularly exhibit at the Lincoln Antiques & Home Show and bring with them all manner of nautical lighting, from giant battleship searchlights to storm-strength passageway lanterns - the choice is vast and many of their pieces look just as wonderful in a modern space as they do in a home full of antiques, vintage and salvage.

Lincoln Show Barometer

The classic ship-in-a-bottle holds as much mystery and charm now as it did when we were children - it's one of life's wonders if you ask us. Barometer's are another great find, this one is from HMS Ark Royal and bears the date 1950-1980. Not an old piece but great provenence all the same.

Lincoln Show Diving Kit

Exhibitors of collectables of this kind usually have an amazing knowledge of their wares. Visit the Epic Centre at our next Lincoln Antiques & Home Show (August 15th & 16th) to learn a thing or two about all things marine. 

Boat In A Sink

So, if you feel like emersing yourself in some off-shore activity and want to get your hands on all things nautical (includig the kitchen sink) then pay us a visit soon.