Pinterest-ing Christmas Decoration

We thought we’d share a slice of festive Pinterest goodness with you to aid your home decoration this Christmas. It's time to take a step back from all the seasonal madness and concentrate on some simple pleasures. 

Xmas 1 Crop 

Pinterest, for those of you who don’t know, is an inspirational, photo-sharing website used by folk who are passionate about seeking-out ideas and stylish visual reference. It’s an exceptionally good platform for home interior and styling ideas and, with the festive season fully upon us, there are stacks of images to blow your Christmas stockings clean off! The frosted pine-cones above, strung onto ticking tape and hung from a reclaimed wood shelf is just the begining of the simple beauty you are about to enjoy.

Xmas 7 Crop

Christmas is generally a time of excess but keeping things simple can create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed holiday. Here we’re showing you a selection of images that we recently ‘pinned’ on Pinterest, all of which appeal to us for the excellent, and somewhat understated, use of vintage, antique, salvaged and reclaimed items. It’s simply simplicity at its finest. This gorgeous little tree placed amidst a pallet a snowy, vintage whiteness makes us melt.

Xmas 4 Crop

This collection of silvered baubles nesting in a galvanised bucket is simple yet effective and would look lovely on a door-step or maybe in a garden room. This principle of this could apply to other objects, let your decorative imagination flutter and fly.

Xmas 2 Crop

This magical window would be just the place to watch the world go by with your feet up and a lovely cup of tea on the go. The little fir-tree tops and the framing of the sill almost make you feel like the outdoors is creeping in, in the best possible way. Letting the inside and outside worlds merge is all part of the joy of this time of year.

Xmas 6 Crop

As illustrated on the above window-sill, carefully placed candles warm things up a treat and are a staple in the festive home. A cluster of candles, or even a lone one, have the power to light up an otherwise dark and chilly corner and make it welcoming. In fact, candles just make everything more beautiful; dining, bathing, relaxing etc. The possibilities are endless.

Xmas 3 Crop

The kitchen is the heart of most homes and never more-so than at Christmas time, so if you’ve got the space why wouldn’t you have a tree to whirl around whilst you merrily cook? The rustic look of this room is the perfect backdrop for something of nature and even though the tree decorations are your classic (and very un-rustic) glass baubles, they work really well. Less is most certainly more here.

Xmas 5 Crop

We love this little corner, with the lit-up antlers, leather chair, wood cladding, neatly stacked books and quirky collection of pictures. It illustrates how, with a little imagination, you can make your home look Christmassy without a great deal of effort. This kind of understated styling is certainly not a 'deck the halls' approach, it's more of a gentle nod to the festive season.

We say keep it simple, after all it’s the simple things in life that usually bring the greatest pleasure. We wish you joy with your home decorations this year.

Do visit us on Pinterest, we hope it inspires you as much as it does us.