New Format Lincoln Review - April 2019

Published 25th April 2019

Three weeks after our first new-format Lincoln Antiques & Home Show of the year and we’re delighted to say that it was a great success. There’s been a real buzz in the office with bookings for the next show on 29thMay coming in and messages from dealers saying how well the one day, midweek format worked for them – feedback from buyers suggests it worked well for them too. It’s always a risk to change something which has been the same for years, but the trade is ever-evolving and changing and, as event organisers, we feel strongly that it’s our duty to keep up with the times. We were blessed with good weather and the outside shopping arcades, avenues and casual pitches were busy and the Epic Centre a hotbed of activity all day. We’re pleased to say that condensing the show to one day seems to be a recipe for success for all.

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Image credit: Antiques Trade Gazette

We were rushed off our feet all day and didn’t get to speak to half the people we’d have liked to, however Noelle McElhatton from the Antiques Trade Gazette spent the day with us and got chatty with buyers and exhibitors. She caught up with hobby sellers and fair regulars Belinda and Tom Kilduff who were snapping up bargains to sell at smaller fairs and via their Instagram shop, “We come quite regularly and love it here and have noticed a difference with the single day format – it does seem a lot busier, more condensed and lively." They went on to say, “We look for unusual things like these stools, which we will refurbish and use as props for styling stock on Instagram.” The show does 'unusual' well and it’s one of the things that buyers love most – there’s always something totally unexpected waiting around the next corner.

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Image credit: Antiques Trade Gazette

The Antiques Trade Gazette also spoke to dealer Martyn Wilson from Penrith, Cumbria, who’s been trading with us for many years and always stands within the relative comfort of the Epic Centre, an area hosting an excellent range of smaller collectables. The move to one day hasn’t put Martyn off at all - he says that the four hour drive to Lincoln is still worth it for a one day show as he can bank on the same customers turning up; “I know I’ve sold things before I even get here and the shift from two to one day is good for me as my take is going to be the same”. With stand prices now lower than before, this is a win win situation for dealers like Martyn. We were delighted to see so many dealers in support of the new format, and even happier to know that they had a successful day.

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Image credit: Antiques Trade Gazette

The standard and range of stock was an excellent as always, with there being something for every kind of buyer and to suit all manner of tastes and budgets. With this inaugural show being such a success, we’re looking forward to the remaining one day shows throughout the year, along with a special two-day weekend show in the summer.

Show Dates:

Wednesday 29thMay.

Saturday & Sunday 10th– 11thAugust.  

Wednesday 9thOctober .

Wednesday 4thDecember.

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Many thanks to the Antiques Trade Gazette for permission to use images and quotes from their feature