My Vintage Valentine

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Saint Valentines day tomorrow. Traditionally a day of courtly love - a literary conception of love that focuses on nobility and chivalry. In essence it’s a day for men to woo the fairer sex or show a little extra love and appreciation towards the lady in their life. 

Despite today's woman being independent and tenacious, many of us are old fashioned girls at heart and cupid can still hit the spot with a little spoiling. The modern day offers up fancy gifts galore; spa weekends, romantic meals, theatre trips etc. However, lovely though it is to be royally treated, sometimes the simple things are the ones that touch us. The world of vintage and antiques offer up some beautifully timeless love tokens to be cherished (we still like the idea of a spa though!).

Vintage Valentines Card To My Valentine

Old Valentine cards are easy to pick up and are so deliciously nostalgic, often with images of love birds, nests, posies, cherubs etc. They're usually a fraction of the price of a new card and all the more lovely, plus, who doesn't love to be given a card - it's something to treasure.

Gales Chocolate Vintage Tin

Giving chocoates is a real Valentines tradition and it's possible to pick up gorgeous old chocolate tins and boxes at an antiques fair. We suggest lining an old tin with pretty tissue-paper and popping some luxury chocolates inside. A true delight.

Mixplusmatch Vintage Champagnes Glasses

Champagne is another winner, especially served up in mis-matched antique glasses - these are easy to source and the romance of yesteryear can really be tasted when you sip from them. Long live old fashioned romance we say.

Vintage Flower Posy For Valentines Day

If you have a love of all things old and beautiful then there's a chance you'll have a spot in your home crying out for a bunch of flowers. There is something about being given a properly tied, traditional bouquet that feels very special. Take note all you fella's out there, petrol station flowers just don't cut it!

Happy Valentines everyone. Enjoy.

If you're in the mood for love and have a passion for treasure hunting then treat yourselves to a day out at our Lincolnshire Sunday Market tomorrow - February 14th.