Happy Thanksgiving - November 26th 2015

In the light of the fact that a fair amount of wonderful antiques and homewares from the USA show up at our events we thought we’d pay homage to Thanksgiving by sharing some cool stateside sights.

Thanks Pc

The tradition of prayer and giving thanks around harvest time is celebrated in almost all countries and religions, each in their own colourful style, but it’s the North American (Canada and the USA) celebration that we’re probably most familiar with.


The occasion is synonymous with family, hosting, food, warm fires and gorgeous home decoration. The look is very autumnal with lots of warming browns, reds and oranges, stars and stripes and gorgeous smells of citrus, apple and cinnamon. 

Flags And Stars

Amish stars are a great buy at our fairs and suit many occasions, not just Thanksgiving. They make a lovely gift. Mix them with stripes and you’re tipping your hat to that big piece of land across the Atlantic.

Ford Front

This wonderful rusted Ford truck frontage has made an appearance at a couple of our shows and we love it! Born and raised in America, The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16th 1903. In 2014 the top ten list of cars to fetch the highest value at auction were all Ferrari’s, with the exception of one, a 1964 Ford GT40. It fetched $7m.

Asfairs USA 1

Sporting paraphernalia is a firm favourite and can often be picked up for a good price. Baseball gloves are always popular and have a nostalgia about them which is irresistible to many a small boy (and bigger ones too). Or maybe it’s the other way round!

Blue Jars

Ball (Ball Corporation) blue glass ‘canning’ jars are a classic American buy. They look great in the kitchen containing dry foods and grains but also make a wonderful vase. Ball Corporation was founded in 1880 and went on to produce metal containers, avionics and even space systems! Look out for the famous embossed Ball logo, you might be surprised where you find it.

That’s All Folks! If you feel inspired then look out for great American buys next time you’re at one of our fairs, shows or markets.

Happy Thanksgiving!