Donington Antiques Market: Everything from Art Nouveau Stoves to Unicycles!

We always like to find time to get in amongst the stalls and speak to our stall holders about what interesting items they’ve brought with them to our events.  At Donington Antiques Market on Monday 2nd September, we had a lovely chat with Chris Tandy who’s stood with us a few times now at both Donington and Lincoln.

Art Nouveau Stove

We were initially tempted over to Chris’ stall by the sparkling display of copper pans, all smartly stacked up at the entrance.  It was then that we noticed the fabulous Art Nouveau Copper Stove.  The Pitradsto Stove is one of Pither’s Radiant Stoves and Chris picked it up from Churchgate Auctions in Leicestershire.

There appears to be many stories about where the Pither originated. Some say that the internal workings were designed for stoves left burning for days in Norwegian huts, to provide refuge for lost skiers. Others reckon it came from France in the 19th century. With several different models of black, brass and copper casing, they are thought to be very easy to clean and run and give off very good heat that’s not stuffy like radiators can be.

Whatever the origins of this particular stove may be, it’s a very fine item!  It’s clear that Chris has a real eye for detail and knows how to present his stock in the best possible way.  Before venturing into the antiques industry around two and half years ago, Chris was in the restaurant business for a number of years and he’d often bought props and other decorative items to compliment the décor in his restaurants.  He aims to ensure that his stall stays within a particular theme and even made clever use of his set of decorator’s trestles to display his wonderful selection of kitchen scales.  You can contact Chris about the stove or any of his other items by email:

Donington’s A Great Place to Buy Antiques

But let’s not forget the buyers who attend Donington to stock up too.  We clocked a pile of goods by the front entrance doors that could have been mistaken for a stall!  The lucky buyers had a real mixture of items and some great bargains.  There was everything from a set of industrial stools and some cute little school chairs to an ornate table and, most unusually, a unicycle!

You just never know what you’re going to find at an Arthur Swallow Fair!  Click here for upcoming events.