Cheshire Decorative Home & Salvage Show

It's almost time, once again, to get your treasure hunting head on, have your shopping baskets at the ready and put your best foot forward for some thrilling salvage shopping

Next week we open the gates again on our Cheshire Showground event, the penultumate Decorative Home & Salvage Show of the summer season. The show opens for trade preview on Friday 5th August and is open to the public on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th. Ticket prices, show times, how to find the event and all other information can be found here.

Antiques Sign At Cheshire

Bunting At Cheshire

Join the crowds in a search for unique pieces for the home and garden in the glorious Cheshire countryside.

Carrying Chairs At Cheshire

Find that one missing piece from a collection, those last two chairs to make up a dining set, or that garden bench you have dreamt of sitting on at the bottom of your garden.

Filling The Car At Tatton

Make sure you come prepered with plenty of bags, baskets, or even a trolley. If you plan on buying big, or heavy, collecting your purchases is easy. Just ask at the gate and we'll give you access so you can drive right up to the back of the stands so load-up.

Looking In Cupboards At Cheshire

Shopping Lady At Cheshire

There are always plenty of suprises in store, new things to discover and magic moments when people finally track down a piece they've been on the hunt for for years.

Sun Shade At Cheshire

Teas At Cheshire

The event is fully catered; with ice creams, teas, coffee's, cakes, breakfasts, lunches and snacks, as well as a licenced bar - Pimms is served all day.

Eating At Cheshire

We'll be releasing the exhibitor list early next week so look out for that here, on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @asfairs 

We look forward to seeing you at this show, or our next one at Ripley Castle on September 9th - 11th.