Bringing Autumn indoors

Time to warm up your home with some autumnal flair

The light is changing, mornings are misty, trees are turning from green to gold and it’s time to embrace a glowing colour palette of warm browns, greens, yellows and terracotta. It’s the time of year when brass, bronze and copper shine bright. Autumn is nature's time of gathering and preparing for the colder months and can prove to be quite an inspiration for many a homemaker, particularly those in the countryside. It's time to stock up the log-shed, crank up the heating, dig out the woolens and let the warm colours which glow outside spill into your home.

Log Burner

A log burner is such a delightful way to warm a room and, with plenty of stoking and replenishing, even a small one can chuck out enough heat to take the chill out of a house. They’re great to huddle around after a stomping good walk and are perfect for warming chilly feet. Reclaimed log burners regularly appear at our shows and a reconditioned one can work out a lot cheaper than investing in something brand new.


Radiators are a basic essential in most homes but, let’s be honest, they’re not generally the most beautiful of fittings. Not so though with a classic Victorian cast iron radiator with its solid stately beauty. As well as giving out a generous helping of warmth they add a hearty sense of grandeur to a room and look great with heritage wallpapers, heavy drapes and an old Chesterfield sofa.

 Door Knobs

Bronze, brass and copper make up a big chunk of the autumnal palette and have a great way of bringing visual warmth to a space, be it in the form of a grand statue or a humble door knob.


Brown and terracotta are easy colours to track down in the world of salvaged tiles and they don’t ever seem to go out of fashion. They’re an interior staple which come as a plain tile but often depict images of leaves, vines and berries, all of which are perfect for this time of year. You needn’t make them a permanent fixture if you don’t fancy a complete autumn overhaul as they look just as good propped up on windowsills, dressers and shelves.

Scene 2

Earthenware jugs and carved wood make great additions to the Autumn look, the mix here is essentially rustic but with a dash of stately charm. This inviting scene makes us want to hop over to France for a weekend break in a ramshackled chateau to enjoy woodland walks and tasty mushroom foreging. 


Bringing autumnal foliage in is a great way to keep your inside world working with the changing outdoor environment. You can’t go wrong with cut leaves, mossy branches, bowls of conkers, pine cones and even a spot of rusty metal to really make your home say Autumn. 

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